Monday, September 8, 2008

Three Political Funnies

1.  Chanj I can beleeve in.

2.  A community organizer?
(From an anti-Palin site called Impalin.
You can purchase T-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers with this message here.)

3.  The liberal philosophy reaches the woods.


Matt said...

I saw the "Mavrick" sign live and have to say I did laugh out loud. all were great!

David Kirk said...

Matt: Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the "Mavrick" sign also! We all need to continue to pray for Sarah Palin...the attacks are going to get worse before this thing is over! We really need to pray for the Lords protection over her and John McCain. Thanks for all your posts! Love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Technically, Pilate was a Roman Procurator.

David Kirk said...

Anonymous: The attacks have been numerous and incredible.

Thanks for setting the record straight on Pontius Pilate!

Have a great day!

jel said...

howdy david,

I don't get the bear joke?

David Kirk said...

jel: He's waiting for food to be served to him.

(Well, I thought it was funny at the time.)

Have a great day!

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