Saturday, July 16, 2011

Robert's Week at Camp!

Robert went to the second session of Mountain View Christian Camp near Ruidoso, NM.  He is featured about three times in this video:
His mom and dad spent the week at home.  Cool!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Very Special Wedding!


Look at this place!  This is the Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth, TX.  It is early April, and a very great wedding is about to take place.

This is where I get to give the bride, my niece, away.  What an honor!

I shall do my best to be a good bride-aisle-walker-downer.

St. Francis and a squirrel.

Liz fixes Ricardo's boutonierre.

Of course, the beauty of the chapel is no match for the beauty of the bride.


Robert, me, Ricardo, Nicky and Liz.

Congratulations Nicky and Ricardo!

The first two photos were stolen from the chapel's website.  The last three, along with the boutonierre photo, were cheerfully stolen from Facebook.
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