Saturday, September 25, 2010


This is our new 4-week-old chiweenie pup.

He is so tiny that when he eats, his hind legs rise off the floor.  I guess his head weighs more than the rest of him.

We have yet to name him.  Any suggestions?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to What?

When you search "How to" on Google, the dropdown results get interesting:

(Thank you again, Webcogito.)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Broken Spoke Catering

The couple cutting the ribbon are most excellent chefs, Richard and Renee Berry.  Their new business is Broken Spoke Catering in Bandera, Texas.

If you live in the Bandera area, contact them for all your catering needs.  You'll be glad you did!

(Richard is also Liz's brother.)

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Spook Parade

These pictures were taken on Halloween 2008. I'm a little behind on blogging, okay?  First, here's some pictures from the late, lamented Room 19: 

Step 7: Adjust data to fit hypothesis.  Step 8:  Publish.

Spiders grow awfully big in West Texas.

Frankenstein is one of Liz's most popular decorations.

Anyway, this is how Kermit does trick-or-treating:  It's called the Spook Parade.  The downtown merchants give out candy.  The kids, young and old, file past in a somewhat orderly fashion.

Robert as Indiana Jones.  See shadow of photographer.

This cat does not look happy in this Winkler Post shot ...
(be sure to view all 71 of their photos)

Halloween is tough on pets.

The line begins about 5 p.m. beside the skating rink ...

... and to the front of Lowe's Supermarket.

Rumor is there's a kid in a cockroach costume.  What kind of parent ... Never mind!

Tristan, one of Liz's students, came in this charming costume.

My goal is to find the kid dressed as a cockroach ... but he's too quick for me.  You turn on the light and he's gone.

The Winkler Post beat me to him!

Child on pile of rusty metal looks safe.

The Kermit police keep the street blocked.

We spend seven years of our lives waiting in line, you know.

Awright, who put Halloween so close to election day?
See reflection of photographer.

Or if you see, like, flames or something...

The wires at the left appear very safe.

First candy stop.

Onward to the credit union.

There we are in the credit union window.

Then across the street and down the block ...

Want to look like this?

 ... and through the alley.

The purpose of all this is to make the child tired, right?

The Jack and Jill shop was founded by musician Doug Smith's parents.

This familiar fellow stands in the doorway of H and R Block.

Yes, there are a few Democrats in Kermit.

This mural shows many of the town's historic buildings, and even the Wink Sink!

The only local contested race in 2008 was for district attorney.  The seated gentleman is Mike Fostel, the incumbent.

Caption this pup.

How long has this guy been waiting for a loan?

More animal cruelty.

Now we head into the courthouse.

This interesting marker belongs near Wink.  I don't know why they keep it in the courthouse, but here it is.

These markers also appear in this post.  I guess I just like to repeat myself.

This time capsule is scheduled to be opened later this month (September 25).

Kermit looks on in approval.  Or not.

Leaving the courthouse,

we head across the street to what used to be a theater.  Now it's a real estate office.

There are a few Star Trek fans in Kermit too.  (From the Post.)

We were here a few days before for a cakewalk.

This is about a 90-minute walk.  Hopefully Robert is tired.  I know I am.

The last candy stop is James Jepson, the other guy who was running for district attorney.  (He wound up being defeated 2 to 1.)

This marker tells the story of Col. C.M.Winkler, whom the county was named for.
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