Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aw Fiddlesticks!

Fiddlesticks Farms (watch out for that auto-start banjo!) is a great and wonderful place. It's located just east of Midland, Texas in a little village called Greenwood.

Upon admission, we are each issued blue plastic wrist bracelets. Only Robert's bracelet has a star on it, which entitles him to a free pumpkin. He must, however, be able to lift said pumpkin and carry it off the premises.

Part working farm and part amusement park, Fiddlesticks Farms is open from late September through November. Note the hayride in the back.

Note also that Robert is getting way tall, with attitude to match.

Which way to the cornfield maze?

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!

Cornfield mazes are all the rage around Lubbock, 150 miles north of us, but this is the first one around here.

We answer Halloween trivia questions at selected forks in the road corn, in order to get clues to the way back.

Liz finds a star bracelet in the maze, entitling her to a free pumpkin.

 After about 45 minutes, we are safely out, and we ring the bell.

There is also a haunted corn maze, but only Liz tries it, and she quits it 20 feet in, when the Joker from The Dark Knight appears!

Next up is the corn cannon, where Robert gets to fire ears of corn at high speed!

 The pumpkin cannon, which looks and sounds capable of shooting down aircraft, is a bit too much for us.

We get to shoot at our favorite football team's helmets.

Hello Betty_oo!
The kiddie cow train is probably a bad idea in retrospect.

After I pry Robert out of the barrel, we go on to the hayride.

Unfortunately, we forget to tell Liz that we are going on the hayride.

Not good.

From the hayride, you can see the flashlights of unfortunate souls making their way through the corn maze after dark.

 We also see three deer (not pictured).

The hayride stops at the pumpkin patch and lets us off to find a pumpkin.

Is this one sincere enough? And can Robert tote it? Yes and yes to both questions.

We reunite with Liz, who has been looking for us.  She decides to go on the hayride by herself and collect her own pumpkin. 

These goats are suspended in midair for no adequately explored reason.  Actually, as the petting zoo is closed tonight, the goats are probably up in the air so they won't try to chew the clothing of patrons.

I can't think of any good way to end this post, so this is probably the worst possible way:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Walkin' for Cakes

Ever been to a cakewalk?  Well, me neither, until Saturday October 25th, when Robert and I went to the annual Kermit High School Band fund-raiser.

We can be seen in the background in both of these pictures which are courtesy of stolen from an excellent new online newspaper called the Winkler Post.
The event lasted over three hours.  We won three cakes, and Robert still wasn't ready to leave.  But we had to leave to go to Fiddlesticks Farms.  (More about that later.)

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