Sunday, December 14, 2008


God put me on earth to accomplish a certain number of blogposts. Right now I am so far behind I will never die.

Well, you know, it's interesting being 50 ... You start to reflect on your life. And you look back over the years at everything you've ever done. And, with age, middle age, comes wisdom. But I have to say that I'm not sure that 50 for me is the same as 50 in people years. - Kermit The Frog

Yep, that space monkey turned 50 yesterday!  What a deal!


Anonymous said...

Experience is a revelation in the light of which we renounce our errors of youth for those of age. - Ambrose Bierce

Gazelle said...

Happy birthday to you, you live in the zoo, you look like a monkey,..........No! No! I know what you're thinking David but you are wrong. I'm singing to the space monkey! I already sent you Happy Birthday wishes!!!!

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