Thursday, June 11, 2009

#A-105: A Room With A View!

Is this a body?

The new Kermit Elementary School has two types of classrooms:

rooms with windows, and ...

rooms without windows, which remind me of ...

this type of room.

Anyway, by luck of the draw, and much to the dismay of certain teachers with more seniority, Liz got a room with windows!

Liz gets a first look at her new room.

Nice view of the pyramid house across the highway.

Next door is the science lab (sorry about the glarey glass!)

The green cross marks the spot.

The approach.

The getaway.

Robert prepares to be Emeril in the teachers' work room,

which is big enough for ... uh, a teacher fight?

The cafetorium is open and all decked out from a banquet the night before.

Are we even supposed to be in here?

They moved the piano without realizing it would have to be tuned!

Robert plays Fur Elise.

You can see more pictures of the new school right here.


jel said...

Congrats on the room witha view Liz! :)

howday David

Nicky said...

The classroom looks nice! The view is pretty neat, too. Surely that house can be worked into a world history lesson or something.

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