Friday, May 30, 2008

Lubbock Weekend

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in Lubbock.
Science Spectrum in Lubbock is a great place. You can walk on a keyboard,
take a look at a marble run made of everyday objects,
create your own sea,rule the cosmos,
and pedal a bike to make an anometer spin.
Later, at a secret meeting place,we met up and went to Cracker Barrel with Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous, frequent commenters on this blog, whose faces I can't reveal because they're, well, anonymous.We had a great time, but it was good to be back home.


Anonymous said...

Robert, you are a delightful young man. It was great to meet you. And it was fun seeing Beak and Mojo too! We had lots of fun.

Rawhide and Gazelle
AKA Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous

Granny J said...

The science museum sounds like great fun!

Benjie said...

Sounds like fun. All we did was spend the day fishing with the kids and some friends from church.

David Kirk said...

Rawhide and Gazelle: Thank you for all you do. It was great to see you.

Granny: Thanks for reading. The Science Spectrum website is

Benjie: Nothing wrong with that!

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