Friday, February 13, 2009

Christmas at Kermit's Medallion Home by Liz Kirk

(The Medallion Home is the oldest existing structure in Winkler County. Liz wrote this article for the current issue of the Jacket Jabber, a publication of the Kermit Independent School District. I was present on the field trip but was afraid to take pictures inside the house, so I stole pictures from the Winkler Post. The pictures of the Christmas tree and phone were stolen from other places.)

On December 16, 2008, East Primary’s first and second grade classes boarded the busses to go for a tour of Kermit’s Medallion Home. There they were met by Medallion Hostesses Janet Marler, Donna Hayes, and Nita Pigmon, who walked each class through each room of the house and described what it was like to live in the house in the early days of Kermit, TX. Students were amazed that there was no electricity, indoor plumbing, or running water. In spite of all this, the students could see the home was beautifully decorated for the holidays. The Christmas tree held ornaments similar to those typical for the time period. The students learned that Christmas trees were not decorated with lights, but with candles.

In fact, the Christmas tree itself might have been a mesquite tree or cedar tree like those found in the area.

The students also had the opportunity to examine period clothing, shoes, etc. that had belonged to the original owners of the home. They got to look at the owner’s wedding gown, and examined pictures, dishes, and other artifacts that are on display
in the home. They were especially intrigued by the old telephone and the idea of having one phone line (the party line) for all of Kermit.

The tour concluded with each student receiving a candy cane from the hostesses, and a hearty “Merry Christmas” greeting as well. The tour was most enjoyable for all!

Liz Kirk, 2nd Grade Teacher

(Liz may get to be a hostess at the Medallion Home this summer! How cool is that?)


Care said...

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David Kirk said...

Care: Thanks for stopping by! I like candles, I think almost everyone does!

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