Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Would You Say to Dr. King?

(Liz's class was asked this question: "If you could talk to Dr. Martin Luther King, what would you say to him?" These are some actual responses:)

  • "Did you get everything for your birthday? How did you tell people to get along? How did you make them allow blacks go to the same schools?"

  • "How was your birthday? How is your wife? How is your children? How is your brother and sister? How are your mom and dad? How is your friends? How are you?"

  • "How did he change the city. And how he made white people get along with black people and that is all."

  • "I'd ask why don't black and white people like each other? And I'd ask another question - can black and white people be friends forever? Can other people get married to each other? Can black and white people get along?"

  • "I would ask him if his child hood ment somthing to him. What wood you say? And was your child hood ruined? The man that shot you did he die? Why did the white people think they were better than black people?"

  • "Can I have some toys?"

  • "Great job man! So how did you do that stuff? because it was awesome. And how old are you? Did you like your birthday? I think you are cool."

  • "If I saw Martin Luther King, I would be in shockt. I would be so happy. I would give him a big hug. I would tell him how old I am."

  • "You are brave talking to thousands of people in your speech. Saw did you read books?"

  • "What is your favorite food?"

  • "Can you take me with you? Want to see what your world looks like. Does it look like my world? How did he change help people to get along like one big happy family?"

  • "Why do black and white people fight? Why did you do what you did?"

  • "I wonder how you felt at that time. I think it would feel scary to do what you did for the world and make people of all color get along to make the world a better place."


Matt said...

I love seeing the way Kids view our world. How many years has Liz been a teacher? Thanks for the post it made me smile.

David Kirk said...

This is Liz's first year teaching. She was a paraprofessional last year. Thanks for reading.

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