Friday, November 7, 2008

Walkin' for Cakes

Ever been to a cakewalk?  Well, me neither, until Saturday October 25th, when Robert and I went to the annual Kermit High School Band fund-raiser.

We can be seen in the background in both of these pictures which are courtesy of stolen from an excellent new online newspaper called the Winkler Post.
The event lasted over three hours.  We won three cakes, and Robert still wasn't ready to leave.  But we had to leave to go to Fiddlesticks Farms.  (More about that later.)


Gazelle said...

Oh, Fiddlesticks!!!! You had to leave to eat cake!!! :-)

jel said...

yes i have been to some cakewalks , they have at the school carn. but they were done different . ;)

What is a fiddlestick farm?

David Kirk said...

Gazelle: I think we didn't get to eat most of the cake.

jel: All will soon be revealed about Fiddlesticks!

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