Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Constellation Project

Welcome once again to Kermit Elementary, where Mrs. Kirk's second-grade class attempts to form a line in order to go see the hall project.

Fourth and fifth grades were pressed for time, so instead of constellations, they did pictures of planets surrounded by Christmas lights.  Or wedding lights, to be exact.

Sadly, this must all be taken down after about a day, in order to prepare for the much-dreaded TAKS test.

The inflatable sun.

All together now:  "My Very Educated Mother ...

Just ...

Serves ...

Us ...

Nine ...


Oh, I miss Pluto!

The asteroid belt looks suspiciously like a bunch of wadded paper.  No asteroids can be hung from the ceiling due to fire code.

This asteroid looked so much like a fortune cookie that Liz added a fortune, much to the artist's consternation.

And around the corner is third grade's project.

This is Draco the Dragon.

Canus Major.

The Big Dipper.

Canus Minor.

Even the exit doors have snappy star paper on them, to darken the hallway.

Leo the lion.

Orion the hunter.

The rest of the second-grade teachers did the phases of the moon.

Saving the best for last, this is the beginning of Liz's section.  This remote-controlled moon model above can show all eight lunar phases.

Ursa Minor.  Liz included drawings of the animal, person or object represented in the constellation.

Ursa Major.

Libra, the scales.

Aquarius, the water bearer.

I put up most of the door.

Student-made comets.

As you may know, the zodiac was redone in January, probably by the same people who voted Pluto out of the solar system.  My astrological sign (not included in this project) is now Ophiuchus,

the serpent handler.  What a happy thing!  You don't want to mess with this guy!

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