Saturday, December 15, 2007

Three Reasons I Like Christmas by Robert Kirk

(This is Robert's composition for school, and it is being blogged against his wishes. But I am bigger and stronger than him. This too shall pass.)

My favorite holiday is Christmas, and Christmas is a time of year for sharing and loving. Jolly old Kris Kringle, otherwise known as Santa Claus, comes and gives me presents. One of the reasons Christmas makes me happy is the chocolate candy, and chocolate coin candies are wrapped in foil and taste wonderful. Plus, they come in gold bags and cost less money than regular candies. Chocolate coin candies just taste wonderful to me on the Christmas holiday. Loving my family is another reason why Christmas makes me happy, and my family bonds like butter. They drink Coca-Cola easily, they watch TeleVision, and they love me so much. And that's why I love them. I light the tree with my family, and they think it is pretty. Plus, the lights sparkle and shine, along with the star. I like Christmas so much, I can't stop thinking about the reasons. So, there you have it, the three reasons I like about Christmas. I hope you enjoyed it, for Christmas is my favorite time of the year!


preacherman said...

Great post brother.
It has been soooooooooo busy with all the Christmas parties and getting ready for family Christmas's. I don't mean to sound like the Grentch but I can't wait until New Year's Eve. :-)
Again, great post.
I hope you have a great Christmas week.
Oh, I have a new post if you want to share your thoughts.
I hope you have a great Christmas week.
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

David Kirk said...

That was quick! Thanks for reading!


Good job Robert ... You're a smart kid! I think I like Christmas for many of the same reasons you do!

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Robert said...

Mr. Morgan: Glad you like it! I like Christmas for all those reasons!

Monalea said...

I'm so glad you are bigger and stronger than Robert; I really enjoyed his post.


Robert said...

Thank you.

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