Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blogger's Block ....

... is a terrible thing. This was sent, as usual, by Anonymous:
Lock of Lennon's hair sells for $48,000
By KATE SCHUMAN, Associated Press Writer Wed Dec 12, 10:22 AM ET
LONDON - A lock of John Lennon's hair sold for $48,000 Wednesday in an auction of Beatles' memorabilia collected by the band's hairdresser.

The hair — inside an autographed copy of Lennon's book "A Spaniel in the Works" — sold to an unnamed telephone bidder.

Gorringes auction house had estimated the hair would sell for $4,000 to $6,000.

Lennon gave the book and the lock of hair to Betty Glasow, the Fab Four's hairdresser during their heyday. He wrote in the book, "To Betty, Lots of Love and Hair, John Lennon xx."

"It is astonishing that there is still so much interest in the Beatles and the sale goes to prove that John Lennon is still an icon," said Francesca Collin, a spokeswoman for Gorringes.

"To have some of Lennon's hair along with a signed note from him really does give it fantastic provenance and authenticity," Collin said.

Glasow, who kept the Beatles' moptops trimmed on the set of their films "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!" in the 1960s, decided to sell the items because she wanted fans to have them, said Nick Muston, a director of the auction house.

"She feels that rather than these things being stuck in a drawer with nobody enjoying them, real enthusiasts (could) get their hands on these things," Muston said.

Other items sold at the auction in Worthing included signed photographs of the band dedicated to Glasow, including one that George Harrison signed "George "Dandruff" Harrison." It sold for $13,000.

So ... if his hair were to fall into the hands of South Korea, could they create a glowing John Lennon clone?


Monalea said...

After being married to Daryl for 28 years, the beatles just sorta grew on me, kinda like fungus.


David Kirk said...

They have a cure for that, you know.

Monalea said...

After keeping the fungus around for 28 years I've grown accustom to it/him.


David Kirk said...

Very funny!

preacherman said...

I like the beattles but if it wasn't for Buddy Holly and the Cricketts their wouldn't be any Beattles, didn't someone say that.

I hope you have a great Christmas and happy new year.

David Kirk said...

And Merry Christmas to you, preacherman!

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