Saturday, February 23, 2008


My lovely and gracious wife now owns a digital camera, so now I don't have to steal all my pictures from Flickr. Now I need only steal the camera!

I want to introduce you to our three cats. This is Bubba, our grumpy oldest cat.
He was once a stray, then Liz started feeding him. He's very gentle now.Bubba used to have a girlfriend. She had kittens in our yard and left them for Bubba to raise. He became both mom and dad to them, but he slapped them across the yard when they tried to "nurse".
At one time there were about 10 kittens here, but we gave most of them away to be "barn cats" on a ranch.

These are Bubba's two remaining children who hang out here. This is Widget, who is small and semi-wild. She growled at the camera. One of the reasons she is still with us is because she is too smart for the cat trap.
And this is Bubba Junior, also known as Junior. He is about one and a half times Bubba's size. He is also half-wild and only approaches us when we have food.
(Bubba was photographed by Liz. I took pictures of the other two cats.)

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