Saturday, August 23, 2008

In the Eye of the Storm

Welcome to Kermit, Texas, where school board meetings sometimes lead to fistfights...

Thursday, August 21. Crunch time. It's meet-the-teacher day. The first day of school is Monday the 25th. The new school won't be ready until January, so here we are at East Primary again. It's morning now, and you can feel the tension in the air...

This is my lovely and gracious wife's second year of teaching second grade.

"Welcome!" says the happy apple. "Now GO TO THE OFFICE AND SIGN IN!"

Mrs.Kirk has a nameplate over the door this year... for the very first time! Progress is being made!

Part of the much-celebrated science word wall returns from last year, defying bets that it couldn't be found.

Liz's credentials.

Do you like the crystal rocks and petrified wood in front of the window?

All these writing concepts for second grade?

Meet-the-Teacher isn't until 4:00 p.m., but some parents were standing outside at 2:00, like it was some kind of Star Wars movie! One dad even called the police when he was told he couldn't come in until 4:00!

"Math Magic"was a concept which came to Liz in a dream!

I like the traffic light concept for the discipline chart. Liz's eyes also change color when she is angry, just like the smiley face on the red light.

This year, Kermit the Frog over the sink has been replaced...

by the solar system.

Here's a Kermit, napping in this cabinet.

A cartoon map of the town.

3:55. Five minutes until the parents come in, Robert and I have been told to scoot. We will head to Purple Sage (the 3rd thru 5th grade school) to meet Robert's teacher.

Meet the new school, behind Purple Sage Elementary.

The new building is coming soon! Everyone is wondering how it will work to move their classrooms over Christmas break....

The new school will be right across the highway from the Kermit pyramid house.


  • Here's my former preacher, Brian McGonagill, getting on the TV news just by buying gas.

  • A GenX blogger's memories of Kermit.

  • Another paper, this time from Grand Junction, Colorado, discovers Kermit.

  • McCain beats Obama in hissing cockroach race.


jel said...

it's time again, my sister the other Mrs. Kirk had to go back last wed.

hope your wife Liz has a great school year! as way as Robert! ;)

ok what is the pyramid house?

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy reading your blog! You always have very interesting news...and facts! Keep up the good work!

David Kirk said...

jel: I'm sorry for being obscure. The pyramid house is just a private home and garage in the shape of two pyramids. During my pizza delivering days I learned that the owners have cats, too.

Anonymous: Thank you for reading.

jel said...

hi david,
that's cool,

have a blessed day and weekend!

**** April **** said...

Looks like a fun and inviting classroom! I wanted to teach at one point in my life but when head lice went around in an inner city school 3 times, I decided that wasn't the job for me. I went into law instead... so instead of dealing with little microscopic annoyances, I began dealing with life sized annoyances with egos that required their own semi to haul around. :) I wonder which was worse -- you can't shampoo and comb out arrogance. Hmm.....

David Kirk said...

April: Liz's class hasn't yet had an outbreak of head lice. Knock wood!

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