Friday, March 7, 2008

Digging Dinosaurs # 2

Some class projects by Liz's students, to be displayed next week at open house: (All photos by Liz)

This one is unique. It's a cake. It was not saved for next week. Instead, the class divided it up.
It was reportedly delicious!


preacherman said...

I want you to know the boys loved the pictures. We had a lot of fun looking at them all and my 5 year old wanted me to bake a cake. I told him I don't think daddy can to that. But we can have some ice cream. He loved that idea!
I want to thank you for sharing the pictures and joy with others.
I pray that God blesses you family in ways you have never imagined.
Your friend,
Kinney Mabry

David Kirk said...

Thank you preacherman! Boys love dinosaurs, huh? Hope you have a great week!

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