Thursday, March 6, 2008

Digging Dinosaurs

My lovely and gracious wife has been working hard to get ready for open house at school. Some of the other teachers are green with envy when they see her work. Here's a preview of what she's done, starting with the Texas Dinosaurs bulletin board: (All photos by Liz)Her science word wall, part 1:The door to Liz's classroom:Science word wall, part 2:
The word tree, inside the classroom:
More later ...


jel said...


that is soooo coooool!

I just thought of something, I think is kind of cool ! I have a sister that is a teacher, and her name is Mrs. Kirk. too :)
she teachers in Nev.

oh and thanks

Benjie said...

Another one of those teachers with too much time on their hands. What's Liz doing? Bucking for teacher of the year in her first year?

Great job again, Liz.

preacherman said...

I thinks is so cool.
Thank you for sharing this with us brother.
I hope you have a blessed weekend.
Kinney Mabry

David Kirk said...

jel: Thank you! Maybe we're distant relatives?

Benjie: And what's wrong with wanting to be teacher of the year?

preacherman: Thank you as always!

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