Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Landmarks: Wink, Texas

This is along Highway 115 between Kermit and Wink. Four orange barrels surround a crack in the earth which is right by the highway. The crack emanates from the first sinkhole, about 50 feet behind the fence, and runs under the highway and for about 3/4 of a mile west, if I remember correctly.

Welcome to Wink! (Robert took most of these pictures!) Wink is eight miles southwest of Kermit ...If we'd known he was gonna be famous, WE WOULDN'T HAVE TORN HIS HOUSE DOWN!On the day Kermit the Frog came to Kermit, the Roy Orbison Museum's owners wanted him (the frog, that is!) to come and visit Wink also, but he was far too busy.The museum's proprietors advertise that they only want die-hard Orbison fans, so we've not yet gathered up the nerve to tour it.Our little church house. Attendance was down to about six people until 2003, when fifty of us began coming over from Kermit. The original six didn't know what to make of us. Like most church buildings around here, there are bats in the attic.

Here's the elementary classroom in relatively pristine state. The class has between one and four children, depending on the week.

I inherited the class from a woman named Dorothy, who has since passed on. Here's good advice from Robert:
This is the sanctutorium, which was constructed in 1990.

Interestingly, Roy Orbison may have had roots in this church. I found an old guest register that was signed by Mrs. Roy Orbison in 1959, but of course I can't find it now.


jel said...


ya got some cool names in Texas!

i think the chuch we go to would fit into your church.

some cool pictures!

Benjie said...

Your church building bears a great resemblence to many of the small baptist churches where my father served as pastor when I was but a wee lad.

Thanks for a peek into Wink.

David Kirk said...

jel & Benjie: Thank you for reading! If I actually lived in Wink, I would have to call this blog "A nod's as good as a wink". Have a happy weekend!

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