Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Wedding at the "Shack"

On July 20, the day after our Fort Davis and McDonald Observatory adventures, we attended a wedding at The Shack in the Back

between Odessa and Midland.

The "in the back" refers to its location behind a now-abandoned Sears warehouse.

This was the wedding of Robert's teacher from first grade. (He's about to start fifth grade!)

The eclectically decorated shack is, like almost everything else around here, next door to an oilfield equipment yard.

Here's a chainsaw bear for Granny J.

A much larger bear!

A jukebox that plays 45's!An old guy like me can remember the Hemisfair license plates.

Robert teaches the ring bearer a few things about pool, much to the eventual astonishment of the ring bearer's mom...

Robert really liked this old phone booth.

The mother of the bride is ,of course, our Avon distributor.

Robert wishes it be noted that the NewsWest 9 tower (center of picture) is nearby.

The happy couple are pronounced husband and wife.


The "island", really the peninsula, could only be reached by walking through this Indiana Jones-type jungle.

Here's the lovely and gracious bride! Best wishes!


jel said...

hi Daivd,

looks like y'all have been busy , and having some fun!

congrats to the bride, groom!

take care!

preacherman said...

Thank you for sharing these with us. Congratulations1
The pictures were beautiful

David Kirk said...

jel: Fun on a budget. Thanks for reading!

preacherman: Yeah I love digital photography. Thanks for reading!

Blake said...

Thanks for stopping by! How is Kermit these days? I haven't been there in a while.

David Kirk said...

Blake: Kermit is, in fact, booming for the first time in decades because of all the high oil prices. I have a recent post about it, and there is probably more to come.

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