Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Response to my calls for odd news has been overwhelming, meaning that one great friend has sent me about 20 links, most of which I am still sorting through. Please be patient. In the meantime, here are some things he reminded me of :

  • Unusual church of Christ news. Yes, Fred Dalton Thompson, former Watergate lawyer turned actor turned former senator turned actor turned possible presidential candidate, is of church of Christ roots. Mark Elrod's excellent blog ran a satirical contest of sorts (which was totally misinterpreted by the media) as to whether Thompson still attends regularly. (Hey, Thompson's a busy man.)
  • Favorite question: "Can he sing the Law & Order theme without instrumentation?"

  • Heroes, the NBC/Sci Fi network drama, featured a story arc, not actually filmed here, in which some of its characters came to Frogtown in search of ... something. I've never seen the show, because in this house it's difficult to watch anything unless Spongebob is on it. Some Heroes fans even did a wiki in which they posted a fake story about Frogtown. Favorite quote:

  • "Kermit -- why does that sound so familiar ?"
  • "Cause of the frog?"

  • Wide Open was actually filmed in Kermit and Midland. I didn't know it was ever finished. Our family, along with a hundred other people, went to an open casting call for extras a couple of years ago, in a less-than-air-conditioned room above the credit union, and listened to the film's director, Rick Owens, who had grown up here, speak for about an hour about how he intended to dress up one of Kermit's streets to look like a Miami street. The film's plot, if I remember it right, was about a couple of people in the Witness Protection Program who are relocated to the middle of nowhere -- Kermit! We (or anyone we know) were never contacted any more by the film company, and their website vanished, so we just assumed the production ran out of money. I would love to see this movie but I don't know where to find a copy -- but I continue to check the budget DVD rack at Wal-Mart!

  • No one E-mailed me this, but as a public service, let's all do everything we can to put a stop to this sort of thing.



Enjoying checking out the blog. Love the thoughts. Hope to hang out over here more often. May be a couple of week before I can be a regular. Still tied up with summer trips.


Nicky said...

I love the content so far. It's interesting, and it's funny! I like your sense of humor, and I've enjoyed the blog so far. :)

David Kirk said...

Trey and Nicky:
Thank you for your compliments on the blog. I'm glad you like it. I was afraid my humor was too grumpy or that I was sounding like Andy Rooney. I haven't been able to hang out here myself this week, but I'll be writing more soon. Thanks again for reading.

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