Friday, August 10, 2007

Slinkys, Signs and Splits

  • My next article is about my mother, and it's takingan eternity, so in the meantime here's some random thoughts:
  • A sign at the McCamey Allsup's:
    Some people are like Slinkys. They serve no real purpose, but it is pleasant to push them down the stairs.

  • Actual concert line-up (3 bands coming to Odessa August 14):
    She Turned Us Into Trees, How to Start a Fire, and Hit the Ground Running.

  • A very good friend grew up in Andrews (45 miles away) and used to be Max Lucado's biggest fan. She phoned us twice last week to express her outrage over the fact that his church in San Antonio, Oak Hills, had dropped the "of Christ" from their name in 2003. All we could do was look up their reasons for the change - to reach people with the gospel - and send the information to her. She was not consoled. I asked my preacher about it and he said "If you had the power to preach the gospel to more people just by removing two words from the sign, wouldn't you do it?" Hmm...
  • It is difficult to tell the story of Frogtown without touching on the church split of 2003, which some say never even happened. It came about suddenly and without warning. Supposedly, it began when two guys didn't agree with the idea of the church hosting grief seminars, financial seminars, and marriage classes. "We need to touch people where they hurt," the preacher at the time said, "not hurt people when we touch them." Those who agreed with the preacher, including the three of us, mostly wound up at the Wink church, eight miles away, while the rest remained in Kermit with the two guys. The preacher moved to Carlsbad and sold cars for awhile, until he eventually got a preaching job again. Can't we all get along?
34 hours after the split, a gas plant blew up 6 miles outside of Kermit, at 5 in the morning. A sign from God? In any case, we remember that week for the church and the gas plant both blowing up. In a manner of speaking.



Frogtown is always a good read for me. Keep it coming!

Monalea said...

I check your blog everyday to see if you have posted anything new. I enjoy your post.

There is more to the Max Lucado thing than the removal of 2 words. Daryl has more info.

Church splits are awful and can usually be tracked back to stupid things not scriptual things.

Funny sayings....I always wanted to put a small change bowl at an Alsups check out that said, "Fear change? Leave yours here!"

Do you have a sigh meter on your blog? It show how many hits you get on your blog.

David Kirk said...

Thanks for reading. I'm trying to keep it entertaining.
I don't have a sitemeter. How do you get one?
I'm sorry I can't post every day. I would if I had time.
I'm sure that there are more changes at Oak Hills than the removal of two words. I think the question my preacher asked is valid and interesting anyhow. Yes?

Matthew said...

Passing by.

David Kirk said...

Thanks for passing by.

Monalea said...

Frogtown, I'm passing the buck about the sitemeter. You will have to ask Trey. He helped me with mine.


David Kirk said...

Thanks. Figured it out.

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