Sunday, April 12, 2009

Police Brutality in Baton Rouge!

This actually happened to someone we know.

Brian Townsend is a most excellent teacher and coach in Kermit. Two years ago he was brutally attacked by a police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who was responding to a noise complaint. Now the officer has plead guilty to excessive force.

You can look at the
Baton Rouge news coverage here and here and here. You can also view a video of the attack at Brian's MySpace page, but be advised it's not for the squeamish -- or the underage!

This case is reportedly the first civil rights conviction in Louisiana in the past ten years. Sentencing is to follow in two or three months. I will do my best to provide further updates!


preacherman said...

I think it is so sad.
So many good cops get tainted by the bad cops.
I was so angry when I heard about what happened to your friend.
A couple of weeks ago I was angry over a Dallas policeman who kept an NFL player from seeing his dying mother-in-law. The in-humanity of these officers. It is sad. I am praying for these cops that their hearts get changed by the grace of God. The definately need help and prayers. I am praying for your friend that his mental state can be healed as well as his body. I want to thank you for letting us know about this brother. Keep up the fantastic job you do with your blog. It is one of the best out there! One of my favs no doubt! :-) I hope you have a fantastic week.

David Kirk said...

Thank you preacherman!

Anonymous said...

I think there is more to this story than just what Mr. Townsend says! Why did he resist arrest? Police tell me to put my hands behind my back, I definitely will! God bless Officer Davis and the 2 year old he won't watch grow up now. People sit around a gripe and complain about the police not even considering what they put on the line EVERY DAY!

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