Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New School Year!

Liz is beginning her fourth year of teaching second grade in Kermit.  Since my photo essay two years ago of Liz's classroom remains my most popular post, I decided to do another one.

Kermit naps by the window.

Note the elephant parade.

We have a bug theme going on this year. We have just about every bug book except (ironically) Miss Spider by David Kirk.

This reading couch is the envy of the school. Liz found it in the school district's warehouse, and expertly re-covered it herself for a total cost of $2.49!

A Texas pine cone?  No, actually it came from the Sequoias in California.  A gift to Liz from another teacher.

The only genre bulletin board on campus!

The administrators.

A lady in Hobbs did the bug curtains.

Ms. Mills across the hall has a big Kermit.

Our mascot is officially the Kermit Yellow Jackets,

but one hall down by Pre-Kindergarten still celebrates the famous frog:


jel said...

hope she has a great year,

my sister the other Mrs Kirk, has gone back too :) summer is over

like the new background ya got here

have a fun and safe weekend

David Kirk said...

jel: Thanks for the good wishes on Liz's class! I'm glad you like the look of the blog, I've been changing it compulsively!

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