Friday, October 1, 2010

Centennial and Celebration

Sure looks like we're in for a spell of celebratin'.  Yup.

Kermit is nowhere near Route 66.

Kermit Celebration Days are an annual observance;  The Winkler County Centennial is a one-time deal.  Remember that now.

Happy tie-dyed Robert.

It's almost like a fair.  You can smell the food and hear the sound of parents being separated from their money. (Photo from the Winkler Post.  See all 180 of their shots here and here.)

Old gasoline signs.

Chihuahua races!  Next year Kokomo can enter! (Post photo.)

Here's some antique kitchen items for your politically incorrect friends.

 Liz found this cool panther candle warmer.

Helicopter rides were $40 per person.  I offered to let Robert go, but he declined. (Post photo.)

The only Kermit in evidence.

This claims to be a 1929 John Deere Hit-n-Miss Ice Cream Machine.

A hole where the 1960 time capsule used to be, and four golden shovels.

Burying the new time capsule.

This is just a ceremonial burial.

The real one won't be buried until next week.

Be sure to check this blog in 2060 for the opening of this time capsule,

 for which Liz's students have written letters.  Hers was the only elementary class to contribute to the new capsule.

Here's some of the things from the 1960 time capsule:
These items are perfectly preserved, which is amazing because the old "capsule" is a now-rusty section of pipe which was welded shut.

The "Brothers of the Brush" were a group of guys that grew beards to promote the 1960 celebration:

Some of them had a shaving permit ...

 ... and some carried a card like these so they wouldn't be mistaken for beatniks!  Nothing worse!

The oil fields and the sand dunes haven't changed much.

Come meet the regular fire.

This is interesting and touching.  Two children wrote letters after their father passed away suddenly: 


jel said...

bet that was some fun, cool
T-shirts (I like tshirts) :)

the 60's timecap, was a year before my bday,
and the 2060 timecap , will be in my 90's ;)

take care

David Kirk said...

jel: Be sure and check back in 2060!

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