Monday, November 15, 2010

Red Ribbon Week/Fall Festival/Spook Parade

(Photo from KISD website.)  Liz wore this costume for Red Ribbon Week.  She's supposed to be a hippie chick, but some thought she looked like Ozzy.

You won't be able to sleep tonight until you check out all 32 pictures of Red Ribbon Week on KISD's site.

Spelling is important:  This student's priceless drawing of a "h*** storm" actually got hung in the hall.  (Click image to make it biggerer.)

For the Fall Festival, Liz hosted the dance party.  Behold the twin skeletons of John Travolta.

Gift bouquet from fellow teacher.

(From the KISD website.)

Liz dressed as a jester for Halloween, but some of her kids were reminded of this fellow.  Now, how do you suppose they knew about that?

Liz hung this cute sign on her projector as a gentle reminder to the techs and administrators.  (Click image to enlargerate.)

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Kokomo (aka Koko) didn't care much for the alien costume.

Robert doesn't care much for holding the dog.

Examine all 104 (and still growing) of the Winkler Post's photos of the Spook Parade.

The M-I-B and his alien captive.

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