Monday, September 17, 2007

I've Been Discovered!

Well, hold everything! This blog got reviewed by, and here's what Jean Valjean said:

"Frogtown is the unique title given to the Blog written by David Kirk. No drama. No exploitation, no antics, and no Britney Spears pictures... just honest stories shared by an honest man. I highly recommend you stop by, read, and comment."

Thank you to the folks at WebCogito!

(And what happened next? Well, in Frogtown they say, David's ego grew three sizes that day!)
Just got back from a spiritual mountaintop of sorts - Ken Young was leading worship Saturday night and Sunday morning at Golf Course Road in Midland! It was great! We are the only people from Kermit who go to these sort of events. Our spiritual family in Wink just kind of scratches their heads at us.
Here's a Fred Thompson update - for those who need one! You know who you are!

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