Monday, November 26, 2007

Confessions of a Christmas Deceiver

Robert is 10 and hasn't figured out the secret of Santa yet. This will probably be the last year we get to leave the Santa key out (for homes without a chimney), cookies and milk for Santa, and reindeer food (oats mixed with glitter) in the yard. I will miss being Santa.
Do you have any Christmas traditions you would like to share?


Monalea said...


Because I still believe in Santa he has come to my house for 47 years. When Rachel was about 9 she came in an announced, "There is no such thing as Santa." I said, "Fine, then don't be sad when Santa come and brings things for everyone this year except you." "Oh I believe, I believe!" was her answer.


David Kirk said...

Cool. I will try that when the time comes.

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