Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Milton's Eye View of the World

My dad had a unique homespun expression for slow and steady work. "Do it like a cat eating a grindstone," he would say.
"How does a cat eat a grindstone?" I (or someone) would ask.
"Real slow," he would reply.
This came up during a visit today with Randy in the hospital. He said the doctor had requested him to do something very slowly.
"Like a cat eatin' a grindstone?" Randy asked.
"Huh?" said the doctor.

My dad also contended, seriously or facetiously, that Hitler would have won World War II if he'd had the Phillips screwdriver. I looked this one up on Snopes and they had apparently never heard of it. I did, however, find this site which says the Phillips screwdriver, which was invented in 1936, helped workers turn out vehicles faster during the '40's than they had done previously, but by that time I gather that the Phillips idea had been copied by everyone else in the world.

You can create your own homespun analogies by clicking here.

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