Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who Would Want That Job?

From Fox News:
LONDON — Heather Mills got steamed up over milk and other dairy products ...
Mills focused on the environmental impact of deforestation and livestock on global warming, citing figures from animal rights group Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (Viva!).
"When (Viva!) told me it was 18 percent, that's more than all global transport, I was in shock. Airplanes only bring 3 percent, while they are being picked on with taxes," she said Monday.
Mills, 39, asked people to "cut down on one or two meat and dairy and fish dishes a week."
"We are the only species that drinks another person's milk, so why aren't we drinking rat's milk, or dog's milk, or cat's milk, that's how crazy it is," she said.
"It's mad that we are having cow's milk. Even cows don't drink it after one year but we continue forever."
My question is...who wants that job?


Monalea said...

Rat's milk? about rabbit milk, kangaroo milk, squirrel milk, etc. etc. etc?


David Kirk said...

Ask Ms. Mills. Good to have you back.

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