Friday, November 9, 2007

A Walk in the Graveyard by Robert Kirk

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Mild scariness.

Robert wrote this story for his G/T (gifted/talented) class. I saw his teacher at the grocery store two days ago and she told me she wished she could borrow Robert's brain. I told her that would be fine but she would need to bring her own tools for removing it.
One Saturday night there was a squall.
A walk in the graveyard, that was all.
I walked past the gravestone where Smitty lay.
The storm continued from night to day.
Then one night the dead people rised.
The lightning started unto the skies.
At home, we were sleeping when we heard a voice.
It was booming and not so nice.
Then we were carried to the basement door.
We thought it was over, but there was more.
We then got to the basement and there we saw
a knife stained with blood, and that was all.
But then the knife began to glow.
A strong, strong wind began to blow.
All the dead people walked toward me,
and then on the head I got stung by a bee.
I cut off the heads of the people toward me,
and then I finally got free.
And then I said "It wasn't fun."
I ran away and went on.


preacherman said...

Cool post.

Robert said...


Monalea said...

I've known Robert for a very long time.....he has always been a very smart kid....his poem proves it.

Glad you shared.


David Kirk said...

Thank you!

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