Monday, January 7, 2008

Sir Paul's Secret Heart Op

From, which all of us here in Kermit read:

Sir Paul McCartney has had a secret operation to help unclog the arteries around his heart, it has been revealed.

The singer reportedly checked into a private hospital on the advice of a Harley Street specialist at the London Clinic.

A spokesman said that the operation was 'routine' and that Sir Paul had recovered well after the surgery. He was fit enough to take part in an energetic duet with pop queen Kylie Minogue during Jools Holland's New Year TV programme. He also sang his hit Dance Tonight during the show.

According to reports Sir Paul had complained about feeling unwell in the Autumn following a series of major arguments with Heather Mills.

The couple has been involved in bitter attacks on each other thoughout the legal proceedings, which could see Ms Mills claim half of Sir Paul's multi-million pound fortune.

Custody arrangements over the pair's four-year-old daughter, Beatrice, have yet to be agreed.

"You want to feed our daughter WHAT?"


preacherman said...

He still amazes me.
I love his music.
His lifestyle? mmm.....I think he needs to slow down and consider his age. :-)

David Kirk said...

Lots of crazy allegations being thrown around by Ms. Mills, too. What a wacky world.

Monalea said...

Daryl keeps me up-to-date on Beatles old and new. With you and him keeping me informed I should become a Fab 4 fanatic.


David Kirk said...

I'm not doing this on purpose.

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