Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Three Political Items Before Iowa

I. From Lookin' fer Learnin :

( Michael Ramirez in Investors Business Daily )

As Bill Clinton crisscrosses America defending his wife’s candidacy, he’s fueling speculation about who’d be in charge should Hillary be elected. Sen. Clinton - the incredible shrinking candidate - seems at times almost a bystander at her husband’s campaign, merely playing a somewhat more active role than she did in ‘92.

In our modern era of dynastic politics, the elder members of the dynasties have a duty to step aside to let their less experienced heirs shine. Former President George H.W. Bush, for example, has stayed well out of the limelight to let his son have center stage. Yet Bill Clinton is playing an ever-larger role in his wife’s campaign.

At first, his appearances were novel and politically helpful. But then they came to underscore her weakness. It was as if Dennis Thatcher had stood up for Maggie as she faced down the Argentine junta in the Falklands war. Now, Bill’s over sized presence on the national stage raises an even more profound question: Is he using his wife’s candidacy to seek a third term in office, prohibited him by the 22nd Amendment?

Increasingly, he seems like former Gov. George Wallace - who put his wife Lurleen into the Alabama State House after he was forced from office by term limits. (Or, in a more recent example, like Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, who stepped aside only to have his wife, Christina Fernandez Kirchner, take power.)
Dick Morris in the New York Post

II. Mark Elrod's top ten Mike Huckabee searches by his blog readers:

  1. pictures of fat mike huckabee
  2. mike huckabee physical height
  3. mike huckabee harding university
  4. mark huckabee, presidential candidate
  5. huckabee hands out literature calling disney evil
  6. boycott aruba mike huckabee
  7. huckabee nobody pays attention
  8. tanks for huck
  9. mike huckabee subliminal played backwards
  10. huckabee raccoons
III. Also from Lookin' fer Learnin':


preacherman said...

I still am undicided.
I am an idependant.
I will look at all the canidates and vote on who I think GOD will want me to vote for and do thing according to his will for this nation.

I want to let you know that I hope that 2008 is a better year for you and God showers his riches blessing on you. May you be bless beyond measures that you cannot even be counted. I hope you have a great day but more important than that an entire year!
In Him,
Kinney Mabry

David Kirk said...

Thank you preacherman! I hope you have a great year also! I am also undecided. I just love political humor.

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