Monday, January 21, 2008

"I Have A Dream..."

(Liz's second-grade class has been studying Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She asked her students to complete the sentence "I have a dream..." and these are some of their actual responses.)
  • "I wish every family in the world would get back together and never fall apart."

  • "I wish my community would love each other and be friends."
  • "I have a dream for candy to fall out of the sky."

  • "...for all toys to be a dollar."
  • "...for that it won't get really cold."

  • "...for people to stop killing people."

  • "...for nobody to kill another person over again."

  • "Everything for my community just to make them happy."

  • "...I don't want any wars in my country."

  • "...for people to be very nice and peaceful."

  • "My town is a great place for all the people in the world."

  • "I have a dream I have a cat."

  • "...for black and white people to be friends all day if they want to."

  • "I wish this town had a Gattiland [pizza and game arcade - DK]."

  • "I wish it would rain money and gold."

  • "I want everything to be free. I want hamburgers to be free, I want hot dogs to be free, I want snow cones to be free, I want ice cream to be free."

  • I have a dream wrestling toys fall out of the sky."

  • "...for everyone to always play with white children and black children. I wish everyone would be treated the same and for people not to fight and for people to like each other."


jel said...

some smart, and funny kids there!

They grow up to fast these day's

David Kirk said...

Jel: Yes they are ... and yes they do! Thanks for reading!

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