Friday, April 24, 2009

Digging Dinosaurs 2009

I obviously have no way to enforce this, but I respectfully suggest that you read last year's posts one and two and three. Okay? Okay. Thanks.

My lovely and gracious wife Liz worked hard again this year for her second-graders' open house. Once more, the theme was dinosaurs!

Parts of the Texas Dinosaur map are recycled from last year.

The cool pterodactyls belong to Ms. Cates, the teacher in room 17 next door.

Meat or vegetables? This chart lists the dinosaurs' diets, so you know which ones to run from.

Liz's dinosaur door. Through the window you can see ...

... the volcano! Notice the pterodactyl that got barbecued in midflight.

Essays line the hall.

My dinosaur would look like this ...

How can I think outside the box when they won't let me out?

Ha! My pebbles don't stink!

These dinos are looking a bit thin ...

Jurassic Park is a popular theme.

I'll guard these jelly beans with my life!

There's a glass candle holder under this volcano.

The hanging pterodactyl is a distinctive feature of this girl's display.

Dinosour World. When we open our mouths, you can see all the way to our toes. Or worse.

This boy chose to do a very good drawing.

The Hulk wrangles a dino. I like it.

This board includes some of our Dallas pictures.

As I said last year, thank God open house is over!

Not a dinosaur, this is Baby! Baby was the neighbors' cat, but I coaxed him/her and two sibling cats over with superior food. (It's not the same as stealing!) The siblings soon died, but Baby remains, along with our other cats.


jel said...

ya did it again Liz, AWESome job!

hi david

David Kirk said...

jel: Liz says thanks!

david says hi!

Granny J said...

Those are just great! What is it about kids and dinosaurs???

David Kirk said...

Granny: I guess dinosaurs unlock kids' imaginations ... Next year we might do mummies!

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