Friday, July 13, 2007

Kermit Comes to Texas! by Robert Kirk

In the beginning, the city of Kermit was just dirt & ranches.

Then one day, the Disney company, the new owner of the Muppets, discovered that there was a little town in West Texas that shared the name of a famous frog.

What a coincidence! And what a place to launch the 50th birthday party and world tour of Kermit the Frog!

The first change we Kermit residents noticed was a new face on the water tower - painted by real Disney artists!

And wherever we went...

Kermit was watching us!

When Kermit arrived in town, Mayor Ted Westmoreland gave him the key to the city.Then things started happening. One of the streets was renamed "Kermit the Frog Boulevard''. IT WAS FUNNY! Then we started the parade...

It was great. And we were there to help. The Kirks, all three of us. We are in the picture below, right in the middle.

Kermit was the Grand Marshal of the parade.

Our finest cheerleaders.

At the pep rally afterwards, The Kermit band spelled out a big "50".

This balloon was flown in from Ontario, Canada, and it's the same one you see at the Macy's parade on New Year's.

This is the ''homecoming king'' and ''queen.'' m-m-w-a-h!

A moment they will never forget.

Text by Robert Kirk, NewsMan of KNN KPER-TV - DT KERMIT-ODESSA


sanityrules said...

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For instance, this post - you could add Macy's Parade, Kermit, Frog, homecoming, cheerleaders, Disney, Texas. You need to make sure you put a comma between each word or set of words, otherwise, they will be picked up as one very long label! The more words you can put in, the more likely that someone will find your site in a search.

But take heart and read all you can on as there is lots of helpful information. And it is always helpful to know some HTML for formatting your page elements and even your postings.

If you would like to see how I have done mine (and I have not been up that long), check it out here:

David Kirk said...

Thank you for the advice! We are just starting out, and we need all the help we can get! David & Robert

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